Adg Custom knives

Coming from the edge of the Cotswolds Dean Smallwood has a flare for all things metal and sharp. From custom skinning knives like the one above to something a bit bigger.


ADG Custom Knives working with the Ole Hedge Creeper, took many months of trials and re designing until we were happy with this final design, with a single ethos in mind we came to a design brief that gave rise the The Ole Hedge Creeper (Rob Collins) knife, made to the highest standards to live a tough life as a Countryman’s/ Woods-mans/ Hunters/ Bush Craft knife, this knife is the one knife you can use to survive in mother nature, giving you the edge where its needed, those that know blades will know what we say here, this blade sings when sharpened properly and finished on a strop, a razors edge NO a razor is a dull comparison to this blade made by an artisan master knife maker and designed by a real Countryman of The Old School.

We give you The Ole Hedge Creepers (Rob Collins) knife, just like The Man, The Myth, The Legend, behind this inspiration, born from the fire and furnace, it’s rugged, reliable and tough.

Buy Once, Cry Once, this is a knife you can hand down through your generations to your grandchildren and beyond.


Now along with the Ole Hedge Creepers knife we would like to showcase another of Deans knives Designed by Greg Willing (The Countryman).

Greg is a countryman of the old cloth and wanted a knife to do every job you could think of.

From gralloching deer and small game to splitting wood for the camp fire and every job between.

Available in standard and Xl variants this will meet the requirements of teens, young adults, ladies and the biggest of men.

With personalization available on the blade for you name or logo and various handle liners, to complement the classic rose wood scales.

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